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treehouse; measures and meanings

"as I dived in the ocean of doubt..."

Geeeezzz this song is a hard song to sing.

When I think of treehouse, I can still imagine where I was the first moment I sat down to write it. I had just come off the phone with that man who is the star of the song. I had stopped crying but still had that horrible lump at the back of my throat. It was dark. I had all my fairylights on in my room in the first house share I ever did. It was late and my throat was sore from crying and my house mates were asleep... but I had to write a song. This is why this song is particularly slow and elongated and delicate and quiet. Getting the image? But I kept it cause I liked it.

Well no, actually. I didn't like it at first. I thought it would be another song I'd write on the Whiteboard and never look at it again. Until I happened to show it to one of my closest friends as she just asked me if I had any songs I had written. And she fell in love with it. She clasped her hands and exclaimed, "Meg, we're recording this NOW." And we did. She set up her camera and microphone and helped me come up with harmonies and completely transformed this "never-to-be-second-looked-song" into one of the ones I treasure the most.

This song never fails to bring me back to that bedroom. It never fails to bring me back to that rawness. And it never fails to bring me straight back to the child-like innocence, running through a forest, building a treehouse, finding a home and watching it fall down.

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