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don't fall in love; measures and meanings

This song is based around a narrative of a boy, who hurts a girl, who gets broken to the point of realizing the risk of love is not worth it.

Personally, I am a risk taker in love. I realized long ago that broken hearts heal, and to never underestimate the power of your love.

But there was a time when I felt hopeless about it, so I projected all those thoughts into writing this song.

"don't fall in love, unless you're brave and you can watch your heart break right inside the palm of his hand

or you can watch everything that you believe in say you can when you know you can't."

I recorded this song with a producer I worked closely before with a huge project and kept in contact with years after. I spent the hours recording this in a cold church basement, just my guitar and me in a curtain drawn room and was given the space to sing as vulnerably and as raw as I could. We made the decision to keep the production and editing of the song very simple. The song captures "children in a playground" innocence, contrasting the massive blow the character gets once heartbroken; the massive wake up to reality. We wanted to keep everything very simple, and very honest. Because these are what my lyrics tried to portray. Honesty. Simplicity. And some damn-straight truths. Don't fall in love.

Dont do it.

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