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already gone; measures and meanings

Sitting down to write this song didn't take me very long. It's such an amazing feeling as a Songwriter, to have words pour out of you with little filter as possible and to let it spill out of you without too much editing having to go into it. Already Gone is my take on a very bittersweet relationship that ended only a few days before this song was written. I think that breakup taught me a lot about myself. These are thoughts I included into my lyrics. The main hook of the song follows the line; "I couldn't have loved you anymore." That broken relationship taught me that I loved my hardest. And it wasn't my fault it ended. Because I did everything I could. And some things aren't meant to be.

The verses are my thought-processes during the end of that season. It switches between "maybe it was meant to be" to "maybe it wasn't my fault" to "maybe if i held my tongue, you wouldn't have tried to run" to "maybe i'll never get to love again". I think this is very common during the break of a relationship. Thoughts running wild, not really sure whether its you're fault or it's meant to be or completely the other persons fault... it's all bittersweet and hurtful and hopeful and... just messy.

One part that I love particularly about this song is only sung once throughout, and sung right at the end.

"I couldn't have loved you anymore,

So I will swallow my pride,

when you leave tonight

Know that I could have loved you all my life"

Maybe every single break up we go through is meant to be. Or maybe we lost everything it could have been.

All I know is, Already Gone is one of my favorite songs I have ever written. I hope you enjoy it. And find some peace in the comfort of bittersweet hopeful hopelessness.

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